Required to achieve 80% or greater score.

*  Retakes must be a different version.

If after 3 attempts a score of 80% or greater        is not achieved the learner must contact the        course facilitator to discuss the development      of a success plan of action.

Final exam scores and feedback will be 

    shared via e-mail.

Final Exams 

80% or Greater Required 



Step 1: 


Click Version A of the final exam and complete all 20 questions. Questions will be randomly chosen from each of the required competencies.

Step 2: 


After submitting the final exam a secured e-mail with your score will be released. Make sure you have received 80% or 16 out 20 questions correct. If you have not achieved this requirement you must complete Version B of the final exam and achieve 80% or greater. It is highly recommended that you review the competency materials before you attempt Version B.


Step 3: 


Once you achieve 80% or greater complete Competency 5 by clicking below.

Competency 1

Demonstrate the understanding of

how to execute

proper age identification

Competency 2

Explore the stages of Alcohol Impairment

& Human Behavior


Competency 3

Explore techniques

for intervening

with impaired customers

Competency 4

Explore state and

local alcohol related laws, ordinances,

and regulations