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Competency 1

Demonstrate the understanding of

how to execute proper age identification

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Competency 2

Explore the stages of Alcohol Impairment

& Human Behavior


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Competency 3

Explore techniques

for intervening

with impaired customers

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Competency 4

Explore state and

local alcohol related laws, ordinances,

and regulations

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Competency 5

Demonstrate the understanding of the laws and regulations controlling the sale and use of tobacco

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 All students are REQUIRED to achieve a score of 80% or  greater to

    successfully complete the course.

*  Retakes must be a different version of the final exam.

If after 3 attempts a score of 80% or greater has not been achieved, a

    learner is REQUIRED to re-take the entire course including video 

    instruction, competency quizzes, and the final exam.

Final exam scores and feedback will be provided upon submission.

Click Version A

of the Final Exam below if this is your first attempt.

After submitting the Final Exam your score & feedback will be provided.


If you achieve 80% or 24 out 30 questions correct or greater, click the "Request Certificate of Completion" link below and if not complete Version B.

Click "Request Certificate of Completion" link below if you have not done so already.

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Final Exam

Final Exam

Final Exam







final exam cards.jpg
final exam cards.jpg

Request Certificate of Completion

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